5 Ways to make Office 2016 more productive

5 effective ways to make Office 2016 more productive

On September 22, 2015, Microsoft gifted the world brand newOffice 2016. On the surface, it seems quite similar to Office 2013 but once you befriend it, it reveals all the new interesting and productive features with variations.

Microsoft has always made promises which made us think ‘Shoot for the moon is something true. They have amazed us all the time bringing to us something that is beyond our comprehension.

Keeping its promises in view, Microsoft tried to deliver its promises by providing us with incredible benefits of cloud computing and trying to deliver everything they make their customers believe.office 2016

It is designed to meet our expectations regarding what a cloud-primarily based, mobile-prepared productivity suite can and should be. Only time can tell us if what they say will be true but till now the results are promising.


So today we bring to you 5 things Microsoft Office setup offers to the users. Since they believe in productiveness, we tell you how to can reach the said destination.

  • Simplified record sharing:

Office 2016 makes it easy for you to share documents. By adding a Share option to the right corner of Office, it has minimized your laborious works into seconds. By clicking the Share option, you can share your file with anyone on your contact list. There is no need to leave the record and make your assignment tedious.

  • OneNote pocket book sharing

OneNote is one of the most beneficial applications available in Microsoft office, and it is one of the most preferred. Office 2016 lets you share a OneNote notebook with as many people as you want. As OneNote works with textual content, photos, worksheets, and emails, it may be a high-quality tool for a team working on an assignment.


  • Real-time co-authoring

Co-authoring has been available for MS Office for a long time, but with Office 2016 a collaborative work of authors can be completed in zero time, which means you will be able to see what your co-authors are doing in a phrase file or PowerPoint presentation as they do it and vice versa. This provides you with the option of working in a team and reduces your work stress to a minimum.



  • Clever attachments

If you need to send e-mail attachments every day this is a tool for you. In preceding versions of Office, including attachments to an email required you to go to the folder wherein the report has been saved. You could still do this in Office 2016. Office 2016 will now show up in a list of shareable documents proper there in Outlook.


  • Muddle for Outlook

Receiving tons of emails at your workstation is a normal thing to happen.  Checking through the Outlook inbox to prioritize each email takes time and stops your growth of being productive. Office 2016 has a new category in your inbox triage toolbox, referred to as clutter. you could designate positive emails to a specific category so that already present emails and emails in the future, maybe deposited routinely right into a clutter folder in Outlook. So now you have got four classes for electronic mail: crucial, clutter, junk, and delete.

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5 Ways to make Office 2016 more productive

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